Web Accessibility

Approximately 20% of the population are people with severe disabilities on daily functioning.
Beyond the legal aspects and costs of making your site accessible, accessibility also has benefits. A Significant One is a higher position in search results of search engines, thanks to the need to organize correctly both the content of the site and the site code.

What does website accessibility means?


  • Amendments must be made colorful site design colors to meet the requirements of contrast.

Site Navigation

  • one must be able to navigate the site by using Tab and Enter keys
  • Pages with multiple content has to allow direct access to different content areas and save users from going through all the content of the page to the desired content arrival.
  • Adding a site map to ease browsing.

Implementing Rules ARIA

  • ARIA roles are codes that allow adjustment of assistive technologies such as screen reader software.
  • Access to tables, links, images, attachments and all non-text object "normal".
  • Access to forms like contact forms, support, mailing registration etc.
  • Add captions or text equivalents correspond Videos / Audio

Accessibility Statement

  • Writing Accessibility Statement After completing the accessibility of the site and locating it on the site.



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