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Today it is clear to everyone how effective online marketing is and everybody wants a share of the pie. The question is what is the right way to do it? How can you tell what is the right Internet marketing mix for your business?

Whenever Internet marketing is discussed, many terms are thrown into the air such as SEO, Advertising, sponsored ads, social networking, SEM and so on. Some even sound like a secret code words such as: SEO, WEB2, PPC, CPC, CPM. Which one is the right one for you?

what is the appropriate online communication channel for your business? Not all online marketing activities will necessarily benefit you. Sometimes, wrong management of Internet activity may even harm your business, not only in terms of financial loss on the investment, but even real harm to the image of your business.

We specialize in formulating marketing strategy tailored to a customer. From choosing the tools and marketing channels and relevant advertising, through providing support and operational support to ongoing marketing activities Social campaign management and search engine optimization.

It is necessary to examine the nature of the current marketing activity of your business, what existing resources can be allocated to cyber marketing channels (not just financially), set realistic goals for industry and limits your activity, and only then can formulate a strategy for marketing your business online.
No less important than the fact that they are monitoring, analyzing results, drawing conclusions and making repairs to improve and enhance the online marketing results.

Internet motto "anyone can" misleading and cause many companies to try alone. The result is usually doomed to failure in advance. Every business unique approach to marketing and sales, but Internet marketing requires the business to operate differently. Internet marketing management requires not only knowledgeable, but also the necessary resources, and does not necessarily mean financial resources.

Unlike specific media and other marketing and advertising, effective online activity is completely measurement. As a result you can, shorter term, to draw conclusions about the effectiveness of each step, and you can make changes and corrections to instantly improve the performance of your marketing efforts.



Tactico Marketing provides tools and solutions for business owners and corporate marketing managers by defining and developing a custom online marketing strategy, and implementing e-Marketing mix tactics that will assist them in reaching their goals.

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